States I’ve Run In

I set a goal for myself. I’m not a crazy person. I don’t want to run a marathon or a half marathon or even a race in every state (at least, not yet) but I’d like to run in every state. I’ve got 8 so far. That’s…not nothing.Running the USofA

1. Massachusetts – A lot. I live here. I have to run here.

2. Connecticut – Visiting family for Christmas. Ran 3 miles in an elf hat. I was the envy of the town. Also, visiting Jennie’s hometown. I’ve run to the boat launch a couple of times. a.k.a. Death Valley, CT on 4th of July weekend in an attempt to sweat out a bazillion G&Ts and enough bottles of wine to make even the most liberal parent raise her eye-brow. Oops.

3. New Hampshire – Running at the beach. And the mountains! (The mountains were actually foothills and I ran through snow covered fields…on May 25th)

4. Michigan – visiting family. Got lost for one run, even with the town being a grid!. Second run was a 5k.

5. Kansas – Visiting Krystal’s parents. It was above 85 all five days and about 100 for three of them. We ran once outside and once on a treadmill. I had started listening to the “Some Nights” album by fun. and now every time I hear those songs I think about running the neighborhood loop and sweating through all the clothes. All of them.

6. Florida – run on the beach during a vacation. Ran all the way to the southern most tip of the beach we were on and then flew home to 12 inches of snow.

7. Tennessee – 2012 business trip and a short run followed by BBQ and local beer on the Tennessee river.

8. Minnesota – 2013 business trip. I ran to Target field and the Cherry and Spoon in the sculpture garden.

Plus the state of denial. It’s not a US state, but it’s certainly a state I run in. See also: “I would rather be on the couch”, “where’s the beer”, and “it’s snowing and there’s ice every where and I’m running, what is wrong with me?”

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