Liz, step awaaaay from the cookies.

Mmm. Christmas cookies. So goooood. But soooo bad for me. Boo.

I’ve put them in the freezer as a method to deter me from eating all the cookies in all the land. I’m not sure it’s going to work. I’m just wanting chocolate. In chip form, wrapped in dough, in dough form swirled with cream cheese, in chocolate form as a piece of chocolate. Just gimme. But I must say no. Lame.

One win tonight. I just wanted to get home, get on the phone, and order pad thai. Instead I got home, did some dishes, and made myself Thai Basil Chicken with brown rice. Only two pots and it was pretty tasty. It was a little spicier than I love, but wasn’t so overwhelming I didn’t like it. The recipe had jalapenos in it. I’m really not a spicy food liking person, but I don’t mind a little flame in my thai food. Knowing how potent these babies can be I cut them and immediately washed the knife and cutting board to make sure no juice or anything transferred to other ingredients. And I was successful. I ate dinner happily and went on my merry way. Fast forward two hours and I’m rubbing my eye. OW OW OW SEARING PAIN!!! Oof, it was bad. Apparently I didn’t actually wash my hands while I was washing the cutting board and knife. Um duh. I would think that would be my first instinct. Survival of the fittest #fail. Must remember to wash the hands better next time. With bleach. Or maybe set them on fire.

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