Cod picatta

What up home slices???

(I recently learned there’s a difference between home slice and home skillet. So, while I prefer home skillet it really doesn’t have a nice definition)

I made an amazing recipe last night. I wish it had come out a little prettier. It’s cod picatta. And amazing. And I even managed to make it a little healthier. Though I think that’s where my pretty factor went off the rails. It’s essentially some cod in a little flour into a pan with oil in it. 7 tablespoons of oil to be exact. that’s a little much. So I substituted 3 tablespoons of the oil with chicken broth (more of which was added). But the broth diluted it a bit much and my fish didn’t crispify as much as I wanted it to. Next time I think I’ll take out the 3 tablespoons of oil, but I’ll put in a little less broth. There’s also another 3 tablespoons of oil that get whisked in at the end. So I exchanged 1 of those for broth as well. In this case a 1 to 1 exchange was fine. This recipe was another delicious one from Mercato del Mare. It’s my favorite email to receive every week. These two women decided to start a fish market in the North End of Boston. But decided to make it fun. They have fish, prepared meals, teach an oyster shucking class, and send out a hilarious email every week with easy and delicious (and very nearly professional grade) recipes. I ❤ Liz and Keri. The subject line of this week’s email was “What in the name of cod did I eat” referring to the inevitable weight gain most people (including me!) faced last week. I’m bad and I peeked this morning. Looks like I had a little beer bloat going on Wednesday and my WI was a little inflated (ha! it’s not a pun. But it sounds like it is. Right? I’m flying on a full 8 hours of sleep and two diet cokes right now. I have no idea what’s going on).

Hearts and skillets!

PS. Get thyself over to Mercato del Mare’s website and sign thyself up for their email. You’ll thank me.

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