What not training looks like. And then lots of sweat talk

Ok. Here’s what this week was supposed to look like:
M: Stretch/Rest
T:3 miles
W:Cross train
R:3 miles

And here’s what actually happened:
Monday: announce to the world that I’m going to run a half marathon. This announcement includes close friends and family who will totally call me out on any future bailing. Instead of running I went home from work and ate anything and everything edible in my kitchen. At least, anything that I didn’t have to cook.
Tuesday: Wake up early to go run. Hit the snooze button approximately 87 times. Approximately, I’m not sure. I was still mostly asleep. Go to work, get worked up by idiot co-workers. I would have loved to then go burn off some steam with a lunch time run, but I was invited out to lunch and we could all use some venting. After work I should have gone home and gone running. Instead went to Boston for Scooper Bowl 2012 and ate my weight in ice cream

At Scooper Bowl you have to hold on to your cups. It’s like a score card. Also, it was 55 degrees and raining. Who cares… it’s was unlimited ice cream!
I was then going to go home and go to bed at a responsible time. Instead, my co-worker and I met up with said co-worker’s cousin in town for the day for a conference. And I stayed in Boston until after midnight watching the Celtics win game 4 of whatever series they’re playing. (conference champs? I don’t know. Ask me about baseball. That’s my sport.).

Wed: For the love of all things active lifestyle, I had to run. And did!! On the advice of a friend, I downloaded RunKeeper on my phone. Fabulous. Every 5 minutes a woman comes through the speakers and tells you how you’re doing. I didn’t like what she was saying because my running was slowed but the lack of breathing due to the continued abundance of mother flipping pollen. But I pushed myself those 3 miles. And got it done. Then I came home, ate a much healthier dinner, stretched, and cleaned up my apartment.
Thurs: Work was having our annual BBQ tonight. I wasn’t particularly thrilled to go, but I’m on the social committee and I felt obligated. So I ran at lunch. I’m slow (and I mean SLOW) and like to keep lunch to an hour. And I have got to shower because sitting in my own sweat for the rest of the day is just too gross to fathom. That means I can only run 2 miles. And that’s what I did. I ran a mile, walked for 2 minutes, and then ran another mile. And that is fine with me. And though the run wasn’t amazingly comfortable, it didn’t hurt. And my muscles that were a little sore worked themselves out. And oh man the sweat. But it was the feels-so-good-I-just-want-to-keep-sweating kind of sweat. The kind of sweat I think of when I read “sweat is just fat crying”. I just said sweat a lot. Sorry about that. I suppose my life will start to revolve around things like sweat amounts. And distances. And times. And routes. And meals. And snacks. And that’s why I’m blogging. My real life friends will eventually stop talking to me. Then I went back to work and I finished off the day and headed to the BBQ. We played some back yard games and I ended up having an ok time. Not great, but not end-of-the-world horrible. And now I’m falling down exhausted. I like that feeling. Like a little kid wearing himself out at the park, I could fall asleep on the floor while I’m stretching. I hope that means I’ll sleep well tonight. Tomorrow is Friday. And Friday is a rest. I’m going to love the next 17 Fridays. A lot.

1 thought on “What not training looks like. And then lots of sweat talk

  1. you bet your a$$ I'll call you out Lizard. You can and WILL kill it at that half! I wish I could be there to see it, but you better believe I'll be out there with you training!So proud of you!


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