It’s cold. I’m complaining. But only because of the stupid treadmill

If you live in the northeast, or have friends that live in the northeast, or are facebook friends with a high school classmate (that you haven’t spoken to in ten years) who lives in the northeast, you are well aware that it’s bleeping cold up in this biz.
Upon waking this morning. (imagine warm sunshine streaming in the window, birds chirping, and a gentle shake of the shoulder to wake me. And then get real and enjoy the same hard reality that I experienced of a blaring alarm, weak sunshine, and ice cold hardwood) I discovered it was 8F out. But felt like -8F. AND THIS IS NOT THE COLDEST DAY OF THE WEEK. I would very much like winter to leave and don’t let the door hit it on the way out. That would be swell. Because until we can get a little warmth up in here (at least higher than “feels like -4”) I’m glued to a treadmill. Sigh.
I mean, really. There’s a weather advisory for part of the state about 30 miles west of me that temperatures overnight will range from 4 below zero to 11 above zero. If your high temperature has to be qualified with the word “above zero”, your low temperature is bull poo.
There’s a weather guy on the interwebs that says it’s going to warm up soon. I’m pretty sure I’ll be thawed out sometime around the 4th of July. Until then, I’m entering a committed relationship with the treadmill at the Y. Because, nothing makes you want to be committed more than running 2 miles and not getting any further away from that dude on the bike with the really terrible BO.
And so ends my obligatory I-live-in-Massachusetts-and-it’s-winter-and-its-so-cold-I-want-to-huddle-under-my-blankets-for-the-next-month post. Underarmor is totally pjs, right?

Hearts and hand warmers

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