Ice Can Bite Me

Ice and snow have descended upon Boston. And also Massachusetts. And mostly the top half of the country. But I live in Boston. And I park in Boston. And I run in Boston. So we’re going to talk about this BS all up in my life. The storm was over 2 days ago and I’m still in boots because getting up my street, up my driveway, and into my house is a lot like those videos you see of deer on ice – limbs slipping everywhere and a constant look of pee my pants panic of my face.

Even this morning when I was driving back from the gym I had to stop on my street because some asshat has decided that he can park his van illegally on the street every morning from 7:30-8:30 and block the road. When I started driving again my wheels started spinning out. Boo. Also, Home Depot ran out of rock salt! I don’t even know how that happens! It was the first storm of the season and they were out 2 days later???

All of this leads to an indoor training schedule for the time being. And oh how much we hate that treadmill. But it’s still better than the alternative – flat out on my butt in the middle of Comm. Ave. I wasn’t fully looking forward to it. But I have a gm buddy (Hi Jennie!) and we both agreed to be there.

I haven’t been running. Because every run felt harder than it should. I kept missing my goals. And I was uncomfortable. But I don’t want to be an accidental resolutioner. Or worse, an actual resolutioner. I hate resolutions. What about January 1st makes me more likely to “stick” to a plan. That doesn’t mean I don’t have goals for 2014. I think goals are awesome. I crossed the finish line of a half marathon in 2013 after all. But to promise myself that I’ll be better because the number on the calendar changed just doesn’t work for me.

So today (at 6:17 AM-just-kill-me-now) I called up my half marathon training plan again and decided “Let’s get this done”. And I did. It was a run workout that was a little easier than I had been trying for. Except that 24 minutes into the 30 minute workout I was dying. And it was time to run again. And I didn’t want to. But I did. So I guess maybe I was pushing too hard? When I hit the end of the workout I was feeling a little beat up. I had an endorphin rush in the middle but the difficulty of the workout got to me. Until the the treadmill went into cool down mode and returned the treadmill to an incline of 0. I forgot I had popped it up to 1 to better simulate road running. And then when I realized I had done the full workout, no modification, at the suggested incline I felt a little badass again. And then “Home” by Phillip Phillips came on and that song got me through some tough workouts this summer and it immediately brought me back to sweating my face off running along the Charles at sunset basking in the warmth of the summer and the amazing views of Boston. And I was about to go outside to 10 degrees F and fight ice and snow and I wanted to punch something. Sigh. Solstice in 4 days. And today’s sunset is later than yesterday’s (the sunset starts getting later on Dec 8thish while the sunrise also gets later so the Solstice is delayed) so let’s hold on to that and promises of temps back in the high 30s on Friday!

Hearts and send blankets

PS. Can we also talk about how much I’m listening to Beyonce’s newest album this week? Can’t stop, won’t stop

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