Laundry. Water. Floor. Drain.

The washing machine in the house I live in drains into a basement sink. We’ve ocassionally had water on the floor, but thought that it was the drain hose lifting out of the sink. I weighed down the hose with a container of detergent and the flooding stopped for about 6 months. Then last week the washer didn’t drain completely. The level dropped so we didn’t think anything of it. Except on Saturday the water was back sitting around the bottom of the washer. I ran it again, empty, and then the water was on the floor again. Darn. With my roommate home, we tried running it again. I was sitting on the couch watching tv. Something I don’t do very often without cable and DVR because there are so. many. commercials. but tonight I was sitting there and then I heard water hitting something stone. Sure enough it was from the basement. I went down and a 10 gallon sink was over flowing at a ridiculous rate. I had two options. Let more water pool on the floor where it still hadn’t dried since yesterday. Or stick my hand in the water and see if the drain was clogged. I shoved my hand in the sink. I pulled some stuff out of the sink, including part of a broken headband and the water started to drain. And. Well. No more water in the washer. If only we had kept the drain clean I could have done laundry yesterday when I had the whole day, and not have to cram it in every night after work tonight. Often I hear the voices of my mother and grandmother in my head. Except it’s not voices. It’s them shaking their heads.

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