My wallet stayed at the grocery store. After I left.

I hate purses. Well, really, I hate carrying them. I have very very round shoulders. Nothing stays on them. Not bathing suits. Or bras. Or purse straps. Plus when you sit you have to put it on the floor or try to balance it on the back of a chair. So I carry a wallet. I bought this wallet at the Mart of Wal. For $5. Because it could hold my iPhone along with money and credit cards. But a wallet is easier to leave behind. In a grocery store parking lot. On the seat of a cart. Which is what I did, 4 hours ago. And didn’t realize until 45 minutes ago. As I was leaving my cart at the rack in the parking lot I noticed a carriage guy going to retrieve them. Apparently he’s a good egg and turned it in. I called and they have it and I can pick it up tomorrow morning. Lesson learned: (other than paying more attention to my stuff and not leaving my wallet/debit card everywhere) always put the cart back into the little corral. I can only imagine if I had left it randomly in the parking lot and someone other than a 16 year old making minimum wage who is still afraid of his parents had found the wallet.

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