An open letter to my muscles

Yo. Muscles.

How are you? Actually I shouldn’t ask that. I know how you are. You are in pain. But whose fault is that? Ok. Maybe it’s mine. A but. But let’s have a little chat. You see. Doing the same activities over and over is not good. One, I get bored. And then Mr. Motivation leaves and I’ll never be able to build you up. Two, it doesn’t help you get stronger because you get good at doing those moves. And then you get bored and lazy and the moves are not as effective. So you and I? Well, we mix things up. And I know when I start a brand new routine or introduce something a little radical you need some adjustment time. And that adjustment time usually involves some soreness. But really muscles. Two new exercises last night and you’re all hurty? These exercises are just slight modifications to moves we’ve already made. In fact, one of them was just me being able to do more of them in a row. And yet. And yet? You insist on bringing the pain. It’s not unbearable, just a twinge mostly. But its muscles that let me walk and work at my desk. So it’s just a little ouchy. Every time I move. Yes ouchy. Don’t argue with me muscles. It’s a word. Because it the perfect description of what you’re doing to me right now. And you know what, muscles? I don’t appreciate it. So can you just back off? Let’s just relax and enjoy the rest of today and let the elliptical not totally stink tonight. And get ready to run tomorrow morning. You know it’s coming. Be warned.

Heart’s and heating pads,

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