Running non-stop and a spiral sausage

Couch to 5k is still rocking along. This means tonight was 2 miles. No stopping. No crying. No punking. Mile 0.5 felt good. 0.5-1.0 was a little uphill and I was starting to let that voice inside my head say “you’re not going to make it” a little louder. Then I hit a downhill and said shut the front door to that little quitting voice. 1.0-1.5 were downhill, uphill, downhill, flat. And the flat was into the sunset. You tell me this isn’t a nice view and I tell you you’re a liar

At 1.5 I just wanted to walk. Just a little. A teeny-tiny-bit-pretty-please-with-a-cherry on top. I went to the dentist and had a few fillings, uh, filled? so the right side of my mouth was totally numb and everything else was super dry so breathing was awkward. And  I just. wanted. to. stop. I didn’t. The last 0.25 miles I was making horrible noises and I think everyone walking by me was wondering why the heck I would be putting myself through this. And then I hit that 2 mile mark and hallelujah I was done. A little stretching. A little water. A little Nuun. And I headed home. For dinner I wanted something easy to cook. So I made chicken sausages on the grill. This guy suggested I spiral cut my hot dog (or in this case, a chicken sausage). And because I do everything the internet tells me, I did it. I have to say. I think I’ll do it again. It was easy and my sausage was extra carmel-y crispy and evenly cooked.

That paired with the rest of my Nuun, a nice glass of German wine, and The Closer and it was well worth all the pain in that last 0.5 miles!
The rest of the week:
T: C25k Week 6 Day 1
W: Cross train, errands for my trip to Kansas!!
R: C25k Week 6 Day 2
F: Rest. Leaving on a jet plane!
S: C25k Week 6 Day 3. In 97 degree Kansas. Lame mid west weather
S: Cross train. And I think walk 8,000,000 miles through Kansas. At least that’s what the itinerary looks like. Ha

Peace out broccoli sprouts! (except those aren’t really sprouts. NBD)

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