Chillaxin’ in MI!

What’s up?! Coming to you live, and exhausted from the great state of Michigan!! Tuesday night I wrapped up all my chores and was in bed at 1. I fell asleep at 2:30. Because my brain hates me. I got up at 5 and was at the fitness center at 5:30 (so wrong). I banged out 3 sets of my circut. And had the whole place to myslef the whole time. Plus, for half I was having a skinny day, which is so fab!! Then it was home to pack, plane riding, Newark hating (Worst. AirPort. Ever). In MI we had dinner and then hit up the Tigers/Yankees game. The Tigers lost and it was standing room only. Still, we got close!!
All told I did 35 minutes of weights, 10 flIghts of stairs, and stood in flip flops cor nearly 5 hours. Needless to say, when I woke up my muscles were TO/PO’d. I ran errands with my cousin and then hit the pavement for an approx 2.8 mile run. It turned into 3.5. I thought I was running north but I was headed south. So it took more than a mile before I could figre where I was on the map. Then I accidently paused RunKeeper so I lost 0.4 miles. Boo. I do feel less worried about this 5k on Saturday though.
Rest day tomorrow and let me tell you, my muscles are ecstatic!!! And I’m going to get started with that rest right away. Nighty night.
PS. Please excuse all typos. I’m tired and on a smartphone :/

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