Running on a Monday Morning

A conversation between the voices in my head this morning at 6:18 a.m.
Runner: “Oh, wow. I’m actually feeling pretty awake. One more snooze and it’s time to hit the pavement”
Non-runner (big fan of sleep): “But it’s so comfy here.”
Runner: “Yeah, but I didn’t run yesterday, so I have to run today.”
Non-runner: “C’mon. Just skip it. You went Friday.”
Runner: “Friday was too long ago. And I can’t go after work, so don’t use that as an excuse.”
Non-runner: “You know you want to sleep more. Just do it.”
[Alarm goes off again]
Runner gets out of bed. Non-runner grumbles until we’re all vertical. Then it’s not so bad.

And with that I say I’m a runner today. I sacrificed sleep. I laced up and pounded pavement before work because there’s no time after. It was 72 and humid enough to feel like I was breathing a bit of water. And still I went out. When I got home I was H-O-T hot! I unlaced my shoes, dumped my phone and ran through stood in front of the sprinkler. I was still sweating when I got to work an hour later. Stupid humidity. Only about 3 hours later did I really start to feel human again.

I’ve been away from the blog. I was on vacation (still ran) and then got a head cold that mostly made me whiny (and not run. Oops). I also spent some time re-evaluating if running is something I’m actually going to stick to. And I’ve come to the conclusion, yes. I want to keep running. I like having that community, and it’s always something to talk about, and people are always impressed that I’m a runner when really, it’s not that impressive to be a causal runner and they could do it too. I try not to confront anyone with that though. And man, when you have a good run, there’s not much that feels better. So. The cold is gone, my sinuses are mostly over it, and I finally registered for a half marathon and handed over my credit card. So I actually have to train. Plus, I’m maybe signed up for a 5k in Michigan next Saturday. I should maybe not make a total fool of myself.

This week:
M-2.25 – Done!
W-Cross/Fly to MI to visit my cousins!!!
S-5k in MI

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