Jimmy Fund Walk 2012.

What up homies, friends, family, and random internet strangers/friends?

On Sunday September 9th, I’m walking 26.2 miles for the fourth time. And not just for fun. Here in Massachusetts we have a world class cancer center, Dana-Farber. Associated with Dana-Farber is the Jimmy Fund. In the only walk sanctioned by the BAA to use the Boston marathon course I’ll step the same steps as all those amazing marathoners that ran in that heat in April, all those 1st place winners and last place still-got-across-the-finish-

line finishers. All to raise money to help sick kids be more like kids and less like patients. The Jimmy Fund and Dana-Farber work hard to rid the world of this horrible disease, cancer, all the while remembering that treatment, doctor’s appointments, and hospital stays are interrupting a childhood. Money raised for the Jimmy Fund goes to brilliant scientists working diligently in labs to fight this disease and goes to creating an environment for these kids to get better in. When my Mom was sick in 1972 she stayed in an adult Oncology ward, there was no child ward, my grandparents could only visit during visiting hours, there were no cots for parents to stay with a scared child, and she survived through her strong will and the luck of living in New England in the back yard of some world class physicians and surgeons. These days kids get better with other kids, parents can stay all night and hold the hand of their son or daughter, and those kids are all there to see the best and brightest surgeons Boston and the world have to offer. And not just by luck. Boston has some of the top hospitals in the country. The Jimmy Fund supports it all.

I love doing this walk because it’s fun!

 I get to walk along those hallowed steps of the Boston Marathon

And they have the best PB&J I eat all year. Along with Michelle’s favorite chips

But mostly I (we) do it for the kids

Whether it’s birthday balloons for a freshly turned 8 year old stuck in a hospital, or supplies for those scientists in the labs, whether it’s board games to play with a visiting older sister, or bringing more world class surgeons to Boston, whether it’s a play room to get those kids up and moving and giggling, or a brand new care center; Every. Single. Dollar. Helps.

I’m asking you to donate. Any amount. 26 cents. 26 dollars. The cost of coffee for a day. The cost of Friday’s beer. Anything. Any amount helps. ANY. It helps find a cure, helps treat sick kids, helps to bring a bright spot to an otherwise terrible time.

As an added incentive, this year anyone donating $26.20 or more can dedicate a mile to anyone. (Even easier, the Walk Organizers have made it an quick donation option!) On the day of the Walk, I’ll wear those names on me; carry them with me, carry them 26.2 miles. In celebration. In remembrance. In defiance of that evil disease, cancer.

How to donate:

For those who would like to dedicate a mile to someone, donate and then email me at lkinnal[at]gmail[dot]com

I’ll be back to blogging about pretending to be a runner tomorrow. With some interesting news. Promise.

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