Sam Adams and Jillian Michaels. And why we can’t all just be friends

I wrote a really nice post about running yesterday. And then was too busy running to type it into WW and post it. Instead you’re getting a message from me. Buzzed. On Sam Adams Alpine Spring. Because my co-worker/friends(/ex-friends) decided I needed to flirt with the singer at the bar Because 6 weeks ago I said he was cute (he is!). After a drink and a half (tall ones) he took a break and was sitting at the bar. And they WOULD NOT LET IT GO so I went up to the bar but I needed an excuse to talk to him. So I ordered another beer at the bar. Even though I hadn’t finished my beer at the table. Did I mention it’s Tuesday. And I still have to work tomorrow. And the next day. And the one after that. We talked for a minute. But I knew it would be nothing. Because a friend that is not a co-worker is an A+ FB stalked and found his girlfriend. But they WOULD NOT LET IT GO. Still. He was really nice. And he’s still cute. And he sings incredibly well. And is there every week. And is better than the last singer they had. Not a total loss.
I always go to the gym after work. Not usually. Always. But we planned this big trip to the bar tonight (when I say bar, I mean slightly over priced bar at a two star hotel in the middle of a tiny town in MA that’s convenient to the office because it’s only a quarter mile away and there’s never traffic in that direction). Anyways. Because we were barring it tonight, I meant to get up this morning. But I’m not a morning person. I hate morning. I think it’s dumb. Morning should really start at…I don’t know…11:30? So the thought of getting out of bed for more than 15 seconds to turn off the alarm that is across the room specifically because I can snooze an alarm beside my bed in my sleep is just too much. 15 seconds, a snooze, and Bam! I am back under those covers. Forget actually getting up to work out with Jillian Michaels. If you think that is happening you should find your local mental hospital. Cuz you crazy! So it was 8:30 and I still hadn’t gotten in any exercise because we went straight to the bar. Which meant no hour long weight lifting work out that I usually get on Tuesdays. On top of that 30 Day Shred with Jillian Michaels arrived the middle of last week. And I let her just sit on top of the DVD. And then planned to start working out with her this morning (hahahaha. yeah right). But when I got home, I knew I needed to check off that dang GHG check. So I put on gym clothes and popped that DVD in. And. Oh. My. I think I’m dead. I’m fairly certain I’m posting this from the afterlife. Laying here now, I’m terrified of what the morning is going to look like. And the morning includes more quality happy fun time with JM. Because I’ll be heading into the city for a volunteer thing tomorrow night. And then I’m going running. So no time for JM after work. Because MA is experiencing a sweet little heat wave (40+ degrees!!!!) and the snow is all melted leaving clear and clean sidewalks. I would like to hurt JM. Instead I’m going to let her hurt me. For 30 days. Straight. You might ask why…

…I have no idea.

Hearts and 21 weeks to summer!!!

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