11/11/11, Veterans Day, WPI Founders Day, and ZZ Bid Day.

1. Happy Veterans Day! If you’re reading this and you’re a veteran or the family member of Veteran, thank you. A local reporter here in Boston said it best, I think “davidwade: Everything I get to do today is because someone, more courageous than I’ll ever be, put their life on the line. To all veterans: Thank You”
2. Those two late nights in the last week turned out to be very much worth it. The ladies of my chapter are welcoming nearly 40 New Members into the Sorority tonight. I want to yell it from the roof tops. These women have had a rough couple of years and to see them do so well swells me up with pride. It’s weird because for the first time I feel only pride in a job well down by someone else. It’s almost maternal pride because I’ve been working with many of these women for the last three years and have watched them grow and now they’ve just had this ultimate success. I know most people can’t agree on Greek life and think only about hazing, and drunk kids, and buying our friends, and all the other terrible things. But the students in the Greek system at WPI last year performed 12,600 hours of community service. With only about 800 members. While maintaining high academic standards, participating in other campus organizations and sports teams, and maybe a few parties here and there. I will admit I joined for a more active social life. But I stayed because I learned leadership, confidence, study skills, networking skills, and how to actually dress appropriately for my age. Ok. That’s my rant. I’m just so proud of these girls. And I wish everyone in the world could understand why.
3.The whole, “my rear hurt less from the bike” last night was a fake out on the part of my body. I got up this morning fine. And then I got to work and y’all, my tailbone hurt so bad I couldn’t sit like I normally do in my chair. And when it’s your tailbone and gluteus maximus/medius/minimus (did you know you have three gluteus muscles??) you can’t rub those muscles in the office. So I’ve been twisting in my chair all morning to try to stretch out my rear. And all the other muscles that tightened up while I was hunched over that bike.
4.Running tonight. I think I helped my sinuses along with a Neti-Pot rinse last night. If you have sinus problems, check that baby out. It’s so gross but oh my I didn’t know how badly I was stuffed up until I used it. And all it took was one time to start to feel the effect!
5.I’m trying to limit myself to only one diet coke a day. I work in a scientific field and can usually separate fact from fiction when “studies” come out. So many results turn out to be some reporters interpretation of someone else’s interpretation based on one patient in the study who had something unexpected come up. But too many studies have come out with similar information that it leads to a larger waist line. Today I had two diet cokes before lunch. And one with lunch. I had a little water in there too. I didn’t sleep well last night and I’m doing a lot of reading and I need to stay awake. I’ll switch to water this afternoon.