My wallet stayed at the grocery store. After I left.

I hate purses. Well, really, I hate carrying them. I have very very round shoulders. Nothing stays on them. Not bathing suits. Or bras. Or purse straps. Plus when you sit you have to put it on the floor or try to balance it on the back of a chair. So I carry a wallet. I bought this wallet at the Mart of Wal. For $5. Because it could hold my iPhone along with money and credit cards. But a wallet is easier to leave behind. In a grocery store parking lot. On the seat of a cart. Which is what I did, 4 hours ago. And didn’t realize until 45 minutes ago. As I was leaving my cart at the rack in the parking lot I noticed a carriage guy going to retrieve them. Apparently he’s a good egg and turned it in. I called and they have it and I can pick it up tomorrow morning. Lesson learned: (other than paying more attention to my stuff and not leaving my wallet/debit card everywhere) always put the cart back into the little corral. I can only imagine if I had left it randomly in the parking lot and someone other than a 16 year old making minimum wage who is still afraid of his parents had found the wallet.

Blog 2.0

I’m just coming back from a week long vacation. And I just moved into a new place. And I feel like updating a blog again. Though I do have with the Best Friend, that’s a joint endeavor around a specific task.

This vacation I just came back from was a week at a cottage at Lake Winnipesaukee with various members of my family on and off all week. It was always unknown who would be going or coming. We used to stay for a week up there all the time when I was little, but we hadn’t stayed at a cottage since I got my driver’s license a million years ago. It was different going on vacation as an adult. First, I did a lot of the planning this time. Picking the type of place, the town, which cottage, what meals we would have, who would bring what, plus packing more than just some clothes because someone had to remember trash bags and bug spray and packing my own shampoo and sunblock instead of just using family stuff. None of this was a lot of work, and I got input from the rest of the family. It was just a new experience. Second, it was fabulous to be away from work for a week, but it was a lot harder to let go of my job than it was when I was only thinking of school or was leaving behind a part time job. I did manage to keep myself away from email and the internet all week and only watched the Sox games for tv. But somewhere around Thursday evening all of the stresses that I had managed to let go of for 4 days started creeping back in. And third, I couldn’t believe how happy I was to be coming home. I had a great time, but a night in my own bed after a shower that wasn’t lake area well water was fabulous.
There were some similarities between vacationing as a kid and an adult. I swam everyday and spent as much time underwater as above it, the s’mores, family, getting whomped by my Mom in Backgammon, laughing over Uno, hearing gravel under the car tires, fishing (RIP the two fish I sort of killed when I had to retrieve the hooks they swallowed), the Tamarack, Hart’s Turkey Farm, and coming home with a sweet suntan (the dermatologist is going to be pissed [this is more adult vacation than kid vacation and the tan is mostly from the swimming, I swear])
When I got home last night I had 200! emails. I sorted through them quickly enough and then took a deep breath and logged into my work email. And the news I found there has created a very relaxing weekend so that vacation isn’t totally undone. I’m thankful for the vacation though, becaase I think this work week is going to blow. I see a large cocktail in my future.