Paleo week 1

Paleo week 1:
Days without grains, dairy, legumes, or anything processed: 7
Days grumpy: 7

My thoughts overall are this. Paleo is great for short term. It’s got me thinking more and more about food as nutrition. And is helping me make much better food choices. But it’s hard yo. And a boat load of work. For instance, I went to the beach on Saturday. The beach is a thing in my family. Because we live so close I was raised to always have my beach bag ready to go and we’ll grab a bagel on the way and bring sandwiches and everyone will be happy. Well. No sandwich for me. Instead I had to pack a salad, cut fruit, raisins, almonds, and, no joke, 86 ounces of water/seltzer. We went later than I’ve gone in a long long time so breakfast was at home. No easy bagel, had to make eggs. And cut fruit. The salad was good. And so was the fruit. But my Mom’s special K chips looked so much better. We left around 6:30. It’s at least an hour ride home. I was starving. But there aren’t really any Paleo options around, it’s sort of a trashy boardwalk full of mostly fried stuff or pizza. Normally I would have gone for the pizza. Instead I bought a lobster, came home, cooked it, and made this salad. Yes, the salad was much better for me than the pizza would have been. But I didn’t eat until after 8:30. Hungry me!

I also wake up tired every day. And not tired like I want to go back to sleep, but tired like I have no energy. And I’m pretty sure it’s because I cut out complex carbs. My body has no fuel to run on until I eat breakfast. Usually around lunch time is when I’m starting to feel energized.

Yes, my 4 mile run was actually pretty good on Sunday. And yes I lost a lot of weight last week. But at what cost. I’m hungry all the time, I have no energy, and during mile 4 of that run I had nothing nothing left in the tank and could maybe have hurt myself if I had run much longer. I’m going to stick with this, but next week I’m adding sweet potatoes. I also might eat a few servings of grains. I’m walking 26.2 miles for the Jimmy Fund and I don’t think I can walk for 14 hours with so little energy. I’m going to evaluate this weekend.

On September 9th, for the 4th year in a row, I’ll be walking the Jimmy Fund Walk to raise money to help kids with cancer be kids.
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Playlist Thursday: Songs I never delete from my playlist

It’s Playlist Thursday!!!!!!!!! Which means Friday is just a dream away. And some good new music. Brian over at PavementRunner has selected an excellent theme this week: Never Deleted. He describes it like this”2

I want to see some songs that have been on your playlist FOREVER and have never left. What is a “MUST HAVE” song that is always on your playlist. Have fun with the “current,” maybe it’s something you think will always be on there.

The rules:
Something Old: Songs that are at least 5 years old. (I know that isn’t too long to be considered old, but music turnover happens quickly.)
Something Current: Songs that have been released within the past year.
Something to Consider: This is the wild card category. Feel free to list any song: old, current, guilty pleasure, underground, whatever.

Something Old. ARTIST: Dire Straits SONG: Money for Nothing Dirty Water. WHY: I’m sorry, but there is no song in the world that gives you a burst of adrenaline like that opening guitar riff after the build up of the long intro. No song. Even writing this now I’m getting goosebumps. We spent a lot of time in the car with my Dad as kids and he always had the radio on. And always to the songs of the 60s and 70s. Always FAVORITE LINE: “Money for nothing and your chicks for free” as a kid, my Dad managed to convince my brother and I that he was singing chips for free. Because, you know, when you’re a rock star you get really excited about those Lays chips back stage
Something Old. ARTIST: Outasight SONG: Tonight is the Night. WHY: I tend to listen to music the same way every time. Find a song I like, listen to it on repeat, get sick of it. This is a song I still haven’t skipped once. I love it. And I love the video. First, excellent beat. And second he’s singing about that one night that you get together with your friends and it’s just absolutely epic. And that’s one of the reasons I run. I run to get fit. I want to get fit so I’ll have the confidence to get out there and rock a tiny dress. FAVORITE LINE: “So if I got one chance, motherf–ker I’ma make y’all dance”

Something to Consider. ARTIST: Jimmy Buffet SONG: Coconut Telegraph. WHY: I’m a parrot head. It’s inherited from my Mom. We go to see the show every summer. I get her boozed up on a sip of beer in the parking lot and then we dance our pants off the whole night. It’s awesome. This song has such a great beat and it tells a story, which helps distract during that boring part of the run or that one last set of squats. Plus its about all the gossip the couple days after a party. And who doesn’t want to live that life a little? FAVORITE LINE: “I swear it’s just between me and you”

And there you have it. Good choices or bad? Be sure to check out the catalogue of all the participants over at the PavementRunner headquarters.
On September 9th, for the 4th year in a row, I’ll be walking the Jimmy Fund Walk to raise money to help kids with cancer be kids.
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Paleo, running, and why I don’t ever ever ever bake

Day 3 of Paleo is complete. I’ve been drafting this post in my head all night. And now I think it might be mostly incoherent. You see. Paleo is kicking my butt. At least, energy wise. And I know it’s a crazy diet. And of course I’m lacking energy. I’m eating almost no carbs. But. I’m actually sleeping better. And sleeping more. I’m just still EXHAUSTED. Bed time is 11:30 and not a second later. I’m currently fighting my body to jot this down before Playlist Thursday’s post gets in the way.

I knew my run tonight would be a little rough. As I pointed out – no energy. Plus I stopped eating grains and replaced it with an entire farmer’s market (seriously, I’m going through vegetables like Amanda Bynes is going through car accidents reports…) so Paleo is …ahem…cleaning out my system which equals some digestive adjustments which almost definitely means some cramping. I mustered through 2.25 miles is some really nice weather. Along with almost everyone else in town. That park was packed! But with a view like this, why not.

Now. Paleo. Monday was ok. It was weird to be packing a day’s worth of food that had no grains. But I was ok. I pre-cooked eggs inside bell pepper rings on Sunday night to last the whole week. And then grilled up some balsamic chicken for lunch. Tuesday I woke up and was exhausted and felt like absolute hell. My co-worker who introduced me to this torture health plan was back in the office and assured me the first week was the worst and did I remember how crabby she was (I don’t. I have a terrible memory). She rescued me in the afternoon with banana date carrot muffins made with almond flour and oh. my. so. good. I was also pretty hungry. I tried to replicate them. Now. Her’s looked like an actual muffin. It was all puffed up and sliced down the middle perfectly and tasted just like banana bread. I am not a baker. I just don’t have the patience. And I think when I was little and thought I was a decent baker it was because my Grammy did all the measuring. In reality I inherited my mother’s cooking skills and absolutely zero of my Grammy’s ability to bake. This is what my “muffins” look like.

Feel free to laugh. They look like someone has kindly pre-chewed some sticks and carrots and slapped in muffin wrappers just for me. To be fair. I think my baking soda is past it’s prime. And I couldn’t find almond flour so I substituted with flax seed meal. The internet said I could. The internet lies. But my cooking brain doesn’t understand that. So I said “Eff it. Close enough”. Yeah. No. I can’t wait until my co-worker sees this. She’s going to die laughing. I wonder if I can bribe someone to come bake for me if I’ll cook dinner. Any takers?

In defense, this is what dinner looked like.

Much better, right?

Going Paleo

As promised. Here’s the big news. Half Marathon training officially kicks off this week. Ok. That’s not the big news. The actual news is I’m going Paleo. Before everyone jumps on to tell me how poor a decision this is, or how fad diets don’t work, I understand. But, here’s the thing. Nicole inspired me with her post about diet and nutrition choices and leaving each other alone. I am a Weight Watchers fan. I understand that with portion control and exercise I will lose weight healthily and will be most likely to keep the weight off. However, right now, my will power is zip to none. I’m at a point in my life where most of my social interactions are around going out for drinks. Or have people over for dinner. Or meeting for dinner and drinks. And it’s so easy to tell myself to have one glass of red wine and then get to the bar and someone else ordered a large beer and then I want that. Also, I work sort of long hours (not crazy long, but not just 40 hours a week). And some days I don’t want to cook. So I eat overly processed food. And then “treat” myself to an ice cream bar. And then one more because I have Weight Watchers points left for the day. In making the decision to try Paleo, I checked out some naysayers. And they had some really valid points. The one that really stuck with me as a reason not to try Paleo was this. If these foods I’m supposed to be avoiding were really what was making me fat, then everyone in Asia would be fat. But the Japanese are some of the healthiest people in the world. And right here at home, I have a friend who eats cheese, beer, wine, bread, peanut butter, and beans to her heart’s content and she’s one of the healthiest people I know. So I don’t think this will be a super long term plan. But for now, I need some strict rules to get me back on the weight-loss, feed-my-body-well track. And boy does the Paleo have some rules. I like rules, though. So at least for a little bit, Paleo is my diet. And we’ll see how this goes. Living without grains, dairy, and legumes. Plus no processed stuff. Including Diet Coke. You might want to avoid me in the mornings for the next little while.

Walking the Jimmy Fund Walk for the 4th time to raise money to help kids with Cancer
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Jimmy Fund Walk 2012.

What up homies, friends, family, and random internet strangers/friends?

On Sunday September 9th, I’m walking 26.2 miles for the fourth time. And not just for fun. Here in Massachusetts we have a world class cancer center, Dana-Farber. Associated with Dana-Farber is the Jimmy Fund. In the only walk sanctioned by the BAA to use the Boston marathon course I’ll step the same steps as all those amazing marathoners that ran in that heat in April, all those 1st place winners and last place still-got-across-the-finish-

line finishers. All to raise money to help sick kids be more like kids and less like patients. The Jimmy Fund and Dana-Farber work hard to rid the world of this horrible disease, cancer, all the while remembering that treatment, doctor’s appointments, and hospital stays are interrupting a childhood. Money raised for the Jimmy Fund goes to brilliant scientists working diligently in labs to fight this disease and goes to creating an environment for these kids to get better in. When my Mom was sick in 1972 she stayed in an adult Oncology ward, there was no child ward, my grandparents could only visit during visiting hours, there were no cots for parents to stay with a scared child, and she survived through her strong will and the luck of living in New England in the back yard of some world class physicians and surgeons. These days kids get better with other kids, parents can stay all night and hold the hand of their son or daughter, and those kids are all there to see the best and brightest surgeons Boston and the world have to offer. And not just by luck. Boston has some of the top hospitals in the country. The Jimmy Fund supports it all.

I love doing this walk because it’s fun!

 I get to walk along those hallowed steps of the Boston Marathon

And they have the best PB&J I eat all year. Along with Michelle’s favorite chips

But mostly I (we) do it for the kids

Whether it’s birthday balloons for a freshly turned 8 year old stuck in a hospital, or supplies for those scientists in the labs, whether it’s board games to play with a visiting older sister, or bringing more world class surgeons to Boston, whether it’s a play room to get those kids up and moving and giggling, or a brand new care center; Every. Single. Dollar. Helps.

I’m asking you to donate. Any amount. 26 cents. 26 dollars. The cost of coffee for a day. The cost of Friday’s beer. Anything. Any amount helps. ANY. It helps find a cure, helps treat sick kids, helps to bring a bright spot to an otherwise terrible time.

As an added incentive, this year anyone donating $26.20 or more can dedicate a mile to anyone. (Even easier, the Walk Organizers have made it an quick donation option!) On the day of the Walk, I’ll wear those names on me; carry them with me, carry them 26.2 miles. In celebration. In remembrance. In defiance of that evil disease, cancer.

How to donate:

For those who would like to dedicate a mile to someone, donate and then email me at lkinnal[at]gmail[dot]com

I’ll be back to blogging about pretending to be a runner tomorrow. With some interesting news. Promise.

Finally, my first Playlist Thursday! Boston you’re my home

I’ve been wanting to write one of these posts for almost 6 weeks, but I keep being far away from a computer on a Thursday. So I haven’t. This week I’m fixing the situation. And bringing you my Playlist Thursday. Head on over to Pavement Runner for the scoop on his list and a list of other bloggers participating. But first, here’s my list. The rules are like this. It’s Thursday; I give you three songs on my current playlist that fit each of these categories. This week Pavement Runner’s theme is “Local Flavor”

Something Old: Songs that are at least 5 years old. (I know that isn’t too long to be considered old, but music turnover happens quickly.)
Something Current: Songs that have been released within the past year.
Something to Consider: This is the wild card category. Feel free to list any song: old, current, guilty pleasure, underground, whatever.

Something Old. ARTIST: The Standells, SONG: Dirty Water. WHY: First, it’s got an awesome beat. Second, it’s just fun. Third, it’s used in every happy montage in every movie set in Boston. Fourth, they play it at the end of Red Sox games when the hometown boys win. When this song pops up on my iPod, I have no choice but to lift my feet higher and stretch my stride wider. Now if only the Sox could put a little more oomph in their game maybe they wouldn’t be playing so unbelievably rotten and Fenway would hear this song a little more often. FAVORITE LINE: “Boston you’re my home”

Something current. ARTIST: NKOTBSB, SONG: Don’t Turn Out the Lights It’s not really current. And it’s just a smidge outside of 1 year. But. And it’s a big but (And I cannot lie). No list of Boston bands from a female runner my age could be complete without NKOTB. Particularly, I’m talking about teaming up with the Backstreet Boys to become the ultimate NKOTBSB. I’m actually about 5 years too young to have had a real crush on anyone in NKOTB, which put me in the exact age range for BSB. But let’s be honest. NKOTHB all the way. Especially if you watch it live. Those boys bring it and BSB tags along. That’ll probably start a war, but most of you know I speak truth. Plus they’re from Massachusetts and BSB are from wherever. Also, NKOTB aged way better. Way.

Oh yeah. It’s also here because it’s pretty easy to run along to. And who doesn’t have fun dancing in their head while they’re running along the road in front of the office. Oh. Just me? Yeah, I don’t think so. NKOTBSB played Fenway last year. And those NKOTB boys are from Massachusetts. I count them current enough for me. FAVORITE LINE: “And instantly, I’ love you like that”

Something to Consider. ARTIST: Boston. SONG: Foreplay/Long Time Two years ago for almost a month I had the guitar break/clapping rhythm stuck in my head. When I finally remembered some of the words and could google it, I was so happy. I say this is to consider because, though a bit slow in the beginning, it’s great for the dreadmill. Because once the song starts to pick up you’re immediately transported to a rock concert in the late 70s. Or the middle seat of my Dad’s F150 in 1994. My favorite is when the fitness center is empty and I spend a little extra energy to clap along. It always gives me a little extra boost. FAVORITE LINE: I don’t have a favorite line, but I love the clapping!

Well, that’s my list. I hope they’ll bring a little pep in your step! Anyone else got some faves from Boston/MA? Anyone not friends with me anymore for liking NKOTB more than BSB?

Chillaxin’ in MI!

What’s up?! Coming to you live, and exhausted from the great state of Michigan!! Tuesday night I wrapped up all my chores and was in bed at 1. I fell asleep at 2:30. Because my brain hates me. I got up at 5 and was at the fitness center at 5:30 (so wrong). I banged out 3 sets of my circut. And had the whole place to myslef the whole time. Plus, for half I was having a skinny day, which is so fab!! Then it was home to pack, plane riding, Newark hating (Worst. AirPort. Ever). In MI we had dinner and then hit up the Tigers/Yankees game. The Tigers lost and it was standing room only. Still, we got close!!
All told I did 35 minutes of weights, 10 flIghts of stairs, and stood in flip flops cor nearly 5 hours. Needless to say, when I woke up my muscles were TO/PO’d. I ran errands with my cousin and then hit the pavement for an approx 2.8 mile run. It turned into 3.5. I thought I was running north but I was headed south. So it took more than a mile before I could figre where I was on the map. Then I accidently paused RunKeeper so I lost 0.4 miles. Boo. I do feel less worried about this 5k on Saturday though.
Rest day tomorrow and let me tell you, my muscles are ecstatic!!! And I’m going to get started with that rest right away. Nighty night.
PS. Please excuse all typos. I’m tired and on a smartphone :/

Running on a Monday Morning

A conversation between the voices in my head this morning at 6:18 a.m.
Runner: “Oh, wow. I’m actually feeling pretty awake. One more snooze and it’s time to hit the pavement”
Non-runner (big fan of sleep): “But it’s so comfy here.”
Runner: “Yeah, but I didn’t run yesterday, so I have to run today.”
Non-runner: “C’mon. Just skip it. You went Friday.”
Runner: “Friday was too long ago. And I can’t go after work, so don’t use that as an excuse.”
Non-runner: “You know you want to sleep more. Just do it.”
[Alarm goes off again]
Runner gets out of bed. Non-runner grumbles until we’re all vertical. Then it’s not so bad.

And with that I say I’m a runner today. I sacrificed sleep. I laced up and pounded pavement before work because there’s no time after. It was 72 and humid enough to feel like I was breathing a bit of water. And still I went out. When I got home I was H-O-T hot! I unlaced my shoes, dumped my phone and ran through stood in front of the sprinkler. I was still sweating when I got to work an hour later. Stupid humidity. Only about 3 hours later did I really start to feel human again.

I’ve been away from the blog. I was on vacation (still ran) and then got a head cold that mostly made me whiny (and not run. Oops). I also spent some time re-evaluating if running is something I’m actually going to stick to. And I’ve come to the conclusion, yes. I want to keep running. I like having that community, and it’s always something to talk about, and people are always impressed that I’m a runner when really, it’s not that impressive to be a causal runner and they could do it too. I try not to confront anyone with that though. And man, when you have a good run, there’s not much that feels better. So. The cold is gone, my sinuses are mostly over it, and I finally registered for a half marathon and handed over my credit card. So I actually have to train. Plus, I’m maybe signed up for a 5k in Michigan next Saturday. I should maybe not make a total fool of myself.

This week:
M-2.25 – Done!
W-Cross/Fly to MI to visit my cousins!!!
S-5k in MI